Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Meat buying

I had planned on buying quite a bit of meat (to us at least) two weeks ago but forgot so did it today. I already have Quorn and 2 very large pork fillets in the freezer. Now I bought beef, pork, chicken and some bockwurst, along with some bacon lardons:

Above 4 stewing steak and the bockwurst.
2 pieces x 4 pork shoulder, 3 pieces x 4 belly pork slices and 4 individual chicken breasts. There are already 3 chicken breasts in the freezer. We only use one between us, usually in a stir fry.
Two packets of lardons.

We went to Marks and Spencer today, still no chunky chicken in white sauce, and this time, no chunky steak in gravy. I did buy myself a relatively cheap winter coat though so that was a bonus.

I forgot to tell you that after an almost 2 hours phone call (on hold with inane music), trying to get through to the pension department I succeeded. She was surprised I hadn't heard anything since applying back in April and put me on the emergency pension department computer list. They are legally obliged to sort things out in 48 business hours apparently!

Within a day they had replied, two days later they told me how much I would be receiving (back dated) and what and when future payments would be. I received my backdated pension one week after that. Hence treating myself to a new coat!


  1. Thrilled you managed to get your pension sorted and such a lovely bonus to get a new coat. I have topped up the freezer with a little extra meat too, in readiness for the bad weather.

    1. The beef and pork shoulders should hopefully produce quite a few meals. I like being prepared for anything like you.

  2. Loads of meals there, well done. I need to stock up when we get home. Well done on finally getting your pension sorted....isn't it a shame we have to chase things up though?

    1. Yes it is. I was being patient but when it was two months overdue felt action was required.


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