Monday, 25 June 2012

In the back garden - vegetables/fruit

Welcome to my new followers Lucy and Regina.

Well, I've finally managed to check out my garden after being away. My peonies are in a right old state. One or two nice flowers are out but most of the rest are rotting before opening.

I have washing on the line as according to the weather forecast, it is a nice warm day. Well, its not. Its cool, windy and the sky is dark grey as far as the eye can see.

The gold finch has either disappeared or reared her young in our absence. Can't believe that as she only just started to sit in the nest for a few days before we left and before she sat in it, there were no eggs. Maybe she has been killed and something raided the nest. Ah well, hopefully another one will find it and start again.

I have updated the photographs on the 'In my garden' page with quite a lot more flowers. In the back garden, where we grow mainly vegetables and fruit, I have been busy taking some photographs to show you my progress.

We have a few tiny cucumbers and courgettes forming. 

The first tub of peas has flowers. 

The broad beans are forming. 

Some of the small and larger tomatoes have fruit.

Flowers are forming on the tomatillo's. 

The two tubs of potatoes are in flower so hopefully we might get spuds unless they have rotted in all this rain. 

My Moroccan Cress (lettuce to you and me) are also growing well.

So too are the runner and french beans.

The onions and garlic.

We have only a few green and red pears (maybe 15 in total). 

Even less apples as a severe late frost followed by blackfly and woolly aphid (never had that before) has decimated all the apple and pear trees.

The plums and quince seem to have gone the same way - hardly any fruit.


  1. hello
    your garden look tomatoes are in flower but no fruit at the moment. i think it's too cold.
    the sky is grey and it's windy today,more autumn as summer.
    have a nice day,

    1. Thanks Regina. Your roses look wonderful and I love the colourful containers you are using.

  2. I agree with Regina, it all looks fab!
    I had two cherries on my tree and I think the birds have eaten them! No apples even though there was a lot of blossom :o( Never mind there's always next year!
    Hope it keeps dry for you.
    Rose H

    1. Thanks Rose. Dry so far but still very grey!

  3. You are so far ahead of me, it all looks great xxx

  4. It's just a constant battle against pests and the weather isn't it? J's been to the allotment tonight- he brought home some more new potatoes!

  5. Your garden is doing very well.. everything in my garden seem so behind this year compared to last year.

    Julie xx

  6. Thanks Fran, Scarlet and Julie. Things certainly seem to be catching up but I have never had little bugs running up and down my apple and pear trees before! Also, need to feed my tomatoes but they are so wet anyway so have given them a foliar feed for now.


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