Sunday 24 June 2012

A tale of woe!

Thanks for all your comments whilst we have been away. Just enjoyed catching up on your blogs. For those who don't know me very well, might I just say - THERE IS NO ADVERTISING ON THIS BLOG. If anyone wishes to leave a comment that's fine. If however, it links back to a commercial blog, your comment will not be posted.

For now, we are back but might have to dash off again some time soon!

Where have we been, what was our exciting news (to us anyway)? Our DS and FDil have finally moved out of rented accommodation and into their own place. Yes, they have managed to get on the property ladder!

I had promised photographs but despite taking my camera and flip video I simply forgot. The move from rented house to their new home went okay. It took about 4 hours to empty and around 3 to refill. The men took their time and had several breaks but none of us was in a rush as DS. and FDiL. were still finishing packing when we arrived.

I could lie and say we were raring to go but having got up at 4.30am, attempted breakfast (failed) and drove up to them, it was around 8.00am when we arrived feeling slightly sluggish. So a slightly slower move than anticipated was okay.

Luckily, it was the one dry day of the whole time we were there! After that, things went slightly downhill. We all got up quite chipper in the morning when I decided to let the dog out AND completely forgot about the very clean patio door in the lounge. I have never felt such pain. Let me tell you, it was very much on a par with childbirth if a lot shorter.

So... when you have all stopped choking with laughter on your tea/coffee I'll carry on.

By now DB was supporting me as I was bent over holding my cupped hands beneath my nose to catch the blood whilst DS. and FDiL. came dashing down stairs to ask what the the very loud bang was. Tears were pouring down my face. DS. very kindly informed me that there was a face imprint on the glass – yes dear, - I knew. I had probably got a corresponding glass imprint on my face!!

Finally the bleeding stop and I decided gingerly to go upstairs and inspect the damage. Just got to the bathroom when an insistent buzzing started in my ears, my vision started to go and I only just managed to get to the bed before nearly fainting.

Eventually I was able to check my face and other than a weird mark on the side of my nose there was no external evidence of a flattened face. The middle to top of my nose was killing me, as was my forehead and I think I was probably concussed as I couldn't stay completely awake during the whole of that day nor much of the next. I also felt like bursting into tears all the time.

Now, 4 days on, my forehead has stopped hurting and my nose is almost back to normal. No external bruising (think it must have all been internal) and I can almost breathe properly again.

As it rained almost constantly, we were unable to sort out the garden at the new place. All the shrubs need removing and the lawn lifting to form a veggie patch. Then we need to move all the veggies from the old place before handing it back to the landlord. 

Plus the old place needs holes filling in the walls and repainting, carpets cleaned etc so they don't lose their deposit.

So, I think we will be returning shortly, if it ever stops raining (currently having a thunderstorm at the moment). FDiL. is on dog/puppy sitting duties for a fortnight, DS. is back at work so not much will get done before they have to hand over the old place. 

Anyway, the house is sound and in reasonable decorative order. They will be able to put their own mark on it. They have an extra bedroom, a larger lounge plus a huge conservatory. Sheds have to be moved, a large outdoor kennel built, chicken house installed etc. How exciting!

Other than that folks, we are home for a short while and are okay.


  1. Goodness, I know how painful crashing into a door is - glad you're mending now though. I bought a stained glass 'hanger' for the door so that it shows up when the door is closed to prevent someone else harming themselves.
    Wishing your son and partner well in THEIR new home, it certainly IS exiting!
    Rose H

    1. We temporarily hung a bright yellow cloth on it. We all now know it is there including the dog so hopefully, there won't be anymore nasty surprises.

  2. Wow, that must have be really clean!

    1. Well it was pretty clean but I was concentrating on getting the dog out first thing - she simply couldn't keep her legs crossed anymore!!

  3. That sounds awful - so glad you're feeling better. It's very exciting for J and S to be on the property ladder- it sounds like they have made a good choice.

    1. It was, I now have a little bit of bruising coming around the corners of both eyes but am certainly feeling better. It was nice to get rid of the 4 day headache!


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