Wednesday 13 June 2012

The front garden

Later on yesterday, I made 2 loaves of bread using a right mixture of wholemeal, cornmeal, white flour and wheatgerm. Came out great.

I've just done the rough costings for the quiche we made and I reckon anywhere between 55p - 85p per portion, depending on how cheap your ingredients are to buy. i.e. free range versus value etc. One portion plus 2 tomatoes filled us up nicely.

Before our walk this morning, I scattered poultry pellets on all the garden. I do this usually only once a year but with the amount of rain we have had lately, might have to do it twice as some things are looking a little more hungry than usual.

Here is a picture of my front window taken from a slightly different angle as the middle of the window which opens, has now got a fly net on it. I'm going to have to cut the oriental poppies down before they have finished flowering as they have been flattened by the wind and rain. They should however, flower again later in the year although with smaller flowers.

We have a border of flowers at all four edges, then a circular path around the middle lot of flowers. The seat and herb table are not often used now we have the blind in the back garden, but it is a nice place to sit and contemplate when I get too hot weeding/cutting back etc. The bee hive compost bin stores extra wood for kindling. 


  1. Your garden is so pretty and a lovely place to sit. I miss my bread machine, I just do not have space for it on the boat at the moment, but once we move on to the barge it will be one of thefirst things out of storage xxx

  2. hi
    your garden looks great!!!
    lovely blog!
    wish you a nice day,

  3. Wow! The plants have grown so much since your last photograph of them.Lovely photos - the manor house looks pretty special.

  4. Your garden is looking lovely, our orange poppies have been shattered too but Patty's Plum has just opened so I might get to enjoy it for a few days (not my favourite but big and blowsy!)
    Yes, think a walk round with some chicken pellets might be a very good idea. This rain has washed all the goodness out.
    Carol xx


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