Friday, 15 June 2012

Lack of sleep and the back garden

Well, I was more or less asleep until 03.20 when the heavens opened and we had a half hour of very heavy rain. Hopped out of bed eventually as I was worried whether the garden would flood or not. Thankfully it didn't. Made myself a cup of tea around 04.00 as I couldn't get back to sleep, read for a while and settled down.

Nope, couldn't get off again so eventually got up around 05.30.

As the stormy weather was forecast, thought I would take some pictures of our back 'productive' garden, just in case it got pummeled. Again, thankfully (so far at least) it is still standing. I stood more or less in the middle and tried to get all round pictures. 

The first two are west facing - some fruit trees and raised vegetable bed 1. 

This one is coming around from the west to the north facing fence. Bed 2 and 3, the dustbin pond,a seating area and the compost bins are along this fence.

Then we swivel around to the fruit cage on the east facing garage wall. In the pots are a hosta, rosemary and 2 of my 3 tomatillo's.


Then turning again, we come to the south facing back wall looking through the front fruit arch to the raised herb bed.

So what is growing (or trying to grow) in the raised beds. Bed 1 has got a selection of lettuces as well as yellow and red beetroot. These beds keep their nets on until the crop grows too tall.

Bed 2 has a few carrots (plus some that aren't yet through). The other half will have leeks in it. 

Bed 3 has said leeks, broad, runner and french beans, a courgette, a few leftover lettuce and beetroot - oh and 3 blackcurrant cuttings!

 Finally, mini bed 4 has onions and garlic in it. 

In tubs we have 3 tomatoes, some potatoes and the tomatillo's. Then indoors are mini tomatoes, pepper and chilli peppers. We also have flowers to encourage the bees plus lots of fruit. 

Hope you enjoyed the tour! Finally, if you can spot her, here is our goldfinch on her nest at the top of the front fruit arch - she is right in the middle of the picture, a little black, red and white head.


  1. Gosh, what a organised and tidy garden. Mine is a terrible mess with bind weeds, again.

  2. Garden is looking very good! Full of wonderful things to eat soon.
    I think it was about 3.30 ish when the heavens opened here too, I thought the roof was coming in!

  3. You garden is looking good.
    Please pop over to my blog I have something to give you
    Julie xx
    ps. I won't be offended if you do not wish to accept :o)

  4. Wow! Your garden is gorgeous! I just hope ours looks a little like yours soon :0)

  5. Anne - although it is looking good, my pears have got loads of greenfly on their leaves, will have to leave the bugs to eat them.

    Dragonfly, Julie - Thanks, I don't normally divulge too much and most of those questions I'm not sure I could answer anyway. I don't always comply with the rules (bit of a rule breaker in my 'old age'). I'll think about it. xx

    Harriet - Thanks, I'm sure yours will also be good with all that liquefaction (is that how it is pronounced) and mine have not had to contend with constant shaking!

    1. No problem, it was my first award and like you I wouldn't want to divulge too much info but these questions I didn't think were too bad, but I think if I get any more I could be just as much as a rule breaker as xx


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