Sunday 15 January 2012

Cooking and washing and a visitor

Having simmered 2 chicken legs in water (stock ready for soup), I have used the meat plus vegetables, to make a 4 portion chicken curry. Half of these will be for tea tonight and the other half is in the fridge ready for another day.

The ham hock and pea soup made 4 double portions, the first of which we have had for lunch with some soda bread. Again, another double portion is in the fridge and the other 2 in the freezer.

Expecting a friend soon for a quick visit so have lit the fire a little earlier than normal. Sue is someone I met on the day we both turned up to sit the nursing entrance exam. Needless to say, we both passed and over the course of our training (some 21 years ago), we became very good friends. We still keep in touch and as she has family in this area, whenever she visits them, she visits us also.

We feel we are able to talk about absolutely anything and I know she is a person who can be trusted implicitly.

Weather forecast says it will 'warm' up mid week. Maybe I can get some weeding done in the front garden as quite a few are around due to the lack of a sustained cold period (current frosts notwithstanding).

Did our weekly read of the electricity meter, still managing to keep our usage down. When the mid week warm up arrives, I will wash the bedding and what ever else needs doing. No point hanging it out at the moment as there is no wind and the temperature means it is as wet coming in as it originally went out.

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  1. Its amazing how fast the weeds grow and dont you just wish your flower or veg seeds would grow as quickly or prolifically? I am hoping it warms up too, a couple of cold days and I'm inside shivering!I have managed to get a bit done in the garden yesterday though and it made me feel better X


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