Thursday 19 January 2012

Washing and making soup with cheat's garlic bread

Decided to make a fresh batch of soup for lunch as we had forgotten to get some out of the freezer. This is what I started with:

Scrabbled around in the bottom of the fridge for most of the above items, cupboards for the rest.After cooking, it was whizzed up with some milk and a small amount of chilli flakes. The smoked bacon (leftover from Christmas!!) made it taste, oddly enough, as though Stilton had been added to it. However it was lovely. 

I made some cheat's garlic toast to go with it. Slice and toast one side of some bread (need to use the grill for this but it might be possible also in one of those toasting bags in the toaster). Spread margarine/butter on the un-toasted side then squirt around 1” of garlic paste on this and spread it around. Put back under the grill and when the outside of the bread is toasted and the butter/garlic mixture is bubbling, it is ready. Taste is great.


  1. Another gorgeous looking soup. I make a similar garlic bread, mixing butter with lazy garlic and herbs, and spreading it on before grilling.

  2. Good idea for a quick garlic bread. The soup looks yummy too.

    1. Hi Karen, nice to hear from you, hope all is progressing as well as it can be. Take care.


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