Monday 23 January 2012

Start of a new rag rug

I'm feeling good. Just come back from my monthly medical massage – well oiled and smelling lovely. Left shoulder took quite a bit of work to get rid of a huge knot of muscle. My hair unfortunately looks like I've just been dipped in the chip pan! Shall have to wash it once my lovely spicy chicken and tomatillo soup is digested.

The weather began lovely and sunny, clear blue sky. The clouds are now beginning to converge and go from white to grey so may have to dash outside soon to bring in the washing.

Have at last made a start on my next rag rug for the bedroom. I have sewn the edges over on the canvas and am currently engaged in crocheting the edges in a lovely mixed turquoise colour. 

During the last lot of sales, I managed to buy quite a few 'fleece' blankets, the sort sold in B & Q. Different colours to match different decors, you know the kind of thing. I think I managed to buy 6 for £10 so feel that is okay.

The canvas is 'free' as I had it from 1994 when I bought a huge roll during my crafting business years. I still have enough to make one for the spare bedroom and maybe a little left over after that. So, unless I need to get anything else, I should have enough of everything to complete this rug. All in all, excluding time (which is my own free time), I reckon when completed, it should have cost me no more than £14 (including the cost of the above wool) and probably less. Plus it gives me something to do on wet and windy winter days, sitting in front of the log burner, keeping warm. Ah bliss. 

By the time I finish this one, spring will be just around the corner and I will be getting on with starting hardy vegetables in seed trays ready for transplanting outside later on.

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  1. I hope you will show us a photo when its complete.
    Cant wait to start planting seeds too.You really do know spring is around the corner then!


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