Tuesday 24 January 2012

Mother Hubbard's Fridge

Welcome to my fridge, the day before our monthly delivery of food.
The fruit on the top shelf is from this week's top up. In the bottom drawers, (not visible in this picture) are a few carrots and 1 courgette. These will be used tonight, along with my last few onions and a butternut squash, to make an oven roast tea. Anything we don't eat from that tonight, will be turned into soup for another day. The condiments in the jars/tubes, live in my fridge to keep them fresh.

Items in the door part vary little from this. The only thing to go in there are 3 blocks of butter (that's all we have in a month), plus one block of fat for pastry making. Ah yes, and yet more condiments. Quite a lot of these, such as chutney (home made), mustard, horseradish, mint etc are often added to the mayonnaise (in a ratio of 1 tablespoon mayonnaise to 1 teaspoon other) to give us flavoured dressings for our salads or coleslaws.

Tomorrow sees us beginning our £35 per week food challenge. In the past month, we have been using things from the 24th December including any extras that were bought for guests. From that date until today, we have spent an extra £54.82. So that is not bad really but we did have quite a bit in.

Tomorrow's monthly shop (excluding meat), is estimated at around £70 so that will leave me £80 to spend during the rest of the month, until 24th February. Cross your fingers!


  1. My fingers are firmly crossed. I'm going for a walk to the bank on Thursday to withdraw my envelope money, and then have a date with Sainsbury's and Home Bargains as they are within a stone's throw of each other. My date with Asda will come on a day that I visit my mum as I can combine the 2 into 1 trip to save petrol. A month's menu has been planned and lists have been written - now I just need the £100 to spend this month!

  2. Good luck with your challenge. My fridge looked just like yours on Monday morning before I went to do a shop.


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