Saturday, 25 May 2019

Gardening mojo returning

I have at last started sowing a few vegetables, beetroot, radish and lettuce. Bed one looks a bit empty due to newly sown seeds but does have two tomatoes and a runner bean in there:
Bed two has tomatoes, another runner bean, rhubarb, beetroot and parsley:
Bed three contains strawberries, a few lettuce and the odd beetroot or two:
Bed four is still empty so no point in a picture. The driveway garden has three tomatoes and three French climbing beans:
Some of the beds have a bit of fleece around them to help the plants against the cold wind until they get established.

Some iris that I planted two years ago underneath the apple trees are in bloom at the moment:
Just glorious!


  1. So glad your garden is doing well. It has been too cold and wet here to plant. In another week or so...

  2. It's looking lovely and so promising!

  3. Wonderful, there is nothing nicer than home grown veg.


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