Friday, 24 May 2019

I am not affiliated to ....

Any political party but I think the treatment of Theresa May has been appalling. Stabbed in the back by both party members and cabinet members, whilst trying her best to fulfil the vote, by the people, to leave the EU.

Labour, in their stubbornness have managed to railroad the whole process to get their own way, yet their way is also not supported. The rest have been just as bad.

Instead of trying to work out a way to solve the problems, all parties have behaved like spoilt brats, invested in what they can get out of the process, how good they can look, rather than doing what the people want.

What next, a general election where the people don’t like the result and demand another one. Where will it all end.

Women died to give me the vote and in general, council and EU elections, I have duly voted but not yesterday. I forgot about it for most of the day then couldn’t bring myself to vote for people who aren’t even in our actual area.


  1. I believe that the whole fiasco has shown our so-called leaders, of every party, to be a total laughing stock to the rest of the world. How can anyone take Britain seriously in the future after this? I no longer have the right to vote, being non UK resident, but the fallout will still affect us here. It is all so frustrating and depressing.

  2. It certainly is a sad state of affairs. I don't usually comment on politics but I am so sick of the whole thing. All the poor woman was trying to do was act on what the people had voted and to be treated so badly is appalling.

  3. I totally agree. She was very calm considering all the shouting at her which was getting too personal in my opinion. I hope she can go now and have a good rest.

  4. Media pressure too didn't help, they just go on and on until what they predict actually happens.
    I voted - just to give the poll clerks something to do, although they said they had been quite busy

  5. I feel very sorry for Mrs May. No matter what she came up with, she'd have had an impossible job getting the idiots to back her. The thing is though, who's going to replace her?????

  6. It isn't a job I would want. Poor woman has been stabbed in the back from all angles.

  7. I am from the US but also thought highly of her. Hopefully she will have a good life after all this. Politics everywhere is a mess......look at the idiot we have as president. I hang my Head in shame at what he says and does.

  8. I feel sorry for many politicians now. With social media the hate and destructive criticism has reached an all time high.

    Our poor Prime Minister here in Canada can not do anything right (according to some people). He is hated if he does exactly as they want, and hated when he doesn't. Poor man can't win for trying.

    I would never be a politician in this day and age.


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