Wednesday 15 May 2019


I can’t put any pictures on my blog until the computer is plugged back in to take them off my camera.

We thought, apart from skirting and door, the painting in the lounge was finished, but no. Sitting down last night, we noticed a smear in the paint on the chimney breast. As it was still wet, we brushed that part again. This morning, the brushed part is more shiny than its surroundings so later on, we will mask up the tiles and burner, and redo the whole front of said area. Bummer!

We went looking for carpet yesterday and found something quickly. It is Primo Ultra in chocolate. Although we didn’t want the carpet to be quite as dark, it is the best choice with madam around. Yes, her hairs will still show but not quite as much with it being mottled.

Measuring up happens tomorrow with fitting at the start of June. That should give us time to finish the lounge and the hall.


  1. How frustrating about the paint! It'll look great when it is completed though, won't it?

  2. Best of luck with that. It sounds like it will be lovely.

  3. That's one of the reasons I hate painting. I can always spot a bit I've missed afterwards!

    1. We think the paint somehow wasn’t mixed properly.

  4. Always so nice to have a newly painted room and new carpets. You are welcome here, we have so many things that are in need of painting.

  5. Once the painting and carpeting are finished you will have a brand new room. Sorry about the smear, and then the shining.

    God bless.


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