Monday 17 August 2020

The smell..

We both had a bad feeling when we put Ruby to bed last night as she had a lot of foul smelling wind. I got up at 06:30 this morning to that familiar poo smell, poor Ruby. DB was just giving her, her pill for the morning. Old crate bedding was outside, stinking out the conservatory. She was sitting on her washed bed from the other day, with a poo covered bum. She was quickly outside.

Her rear end and trimmed tail (both need further trimming methinks), were shampooed three times. She was dried then taken for a walk. Whilst DB was out with her, I got the bedding in a protective wash bag and in the machine, towels and more bedding will need doing as well.

First lot done, shaken out, put back in the bag and being dried. She came to sit near me, on fresh vet fleece, nope, still smells and so does it now. Out for another rear end and tail wash. She is curled up at my feet, asleep, with still a slight whiff:(

Just when you need some warm weather it disappears!


  1. Oh, poor Ruby. Poor you too - not pleasant for any of you. xx

  2. How awful, I bet she felt very uncomfortable and sorry for herself, poor thing. Not a nice thing for you to wake up to either. Hope she's ok.

  3. Poor Ruby.
    Our Blackie was allergic to chicken (and oily fish like salmon), and it took a while before we realized it... He had not only digestive symptoms (diarrea, womiting) but also skin problems. After we made the connection and cut out poltry and fish from his diet, he got much much better smelling doggie ;-)
    I don't mean it's the same for Ruby, but it took a long time to us to understand the problem, because ALL sensitive diet food has chicken!

  4. Bless her, I hope it settles down soon.

  5. Oh poor Ruby, I hope you can find out what's causing this :-(


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