Thursday 4 February 2021

Lemon Chicken Orzo Soup

Welcome to Mary.

This Eating Well soup is delicious. I increased the orzo pasta to 1 cup, left out the celery as I didn't have any. In its place I added a tin of mushrooms and only added salt at the end. We don't like kale so switched that with spinach!

Notwithstanding those changes, it was still delicious. The recipe link is here.

It made enough for us to have 3 ladles each for two days. We served it 'with new to us' sourdough crumpets which are gorgeous. 

We were quite concerned with Ruby yesterday. I had put some ear wax remover in her ears, as I usually do so didn't think anything of it. After tea she started to behave weird. Couldn't settle, kept snapping her head up as though something had caught her attention. On top of that she would lay for a few minutes then run around the room, tail between her legs in a low position, almost like they do when scared.

She was like this all evening, changing positions, changing room. In the end I got in touch with DS who said the ear drops might have dislodged some wax which was moving inside her ear and spooking her a bit. We put some more drops in just before her bedtime. Havning not slept all evening, she was so tired she laid straight down come bedtime. 

This morning, back to her usual cheerful self.


  1. Hello!

    Soup is such a comforting food. This receipt looks and surely tastes delicious. We shall try it.

    We only came across Orzo relatively recently, but it is a wonderfully versatile form of pasta.

    1. Mind you, the orzo kept swelling so the soup was solid the next day. Watered it down a bit and it was fine.

  2. Back to her normal self, thanks.

  3. Sorry to read about Ruby but so glad all is well now. Micky our standard poodle has problem with his ears at times, he has a bit of infection at the moment. A course of antibiotics usually does the trick along with some ear powder from the vets.

    1. Luckily, she has only needed anti-biotics once for her ears, they were quite red at the time and driving her nuts.

  4. Soup is wonderful at this time of year and yours looks great.

    Glad Ruby is better today.

    God bless.


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