Saturday 12 January 2013


Welcome to my new follower Hawaii Planner.

We walked first thing to the Post Office to get the Radio Times, local paper and some bacon. Realising we had forgotten the first thing, DB walked there again after lunch.

The second planting of some leeks late summer early autumn meant they didn't have long enough to put on much girth so I harvested around 9 of them and made some potato, bacon and pearl barley soup. We had a steaming bowl of this with home made pumpkin and sunflower seed bread.

Whilst harvesting the leeks, I unearthed a container of carrots I had also forgotten about.

DB made up the wood burner and brought in loads of logs for the weekend. He also added a small pad of insulation to the pipe that comes from the oil storage tank to protect it from severe frost. The rest is underground so is okay.

The mini compost bin under the sink was emptied into the outside bin. We have recently started lining said under the sink bin with shredded paper. It is helping to stop the outside compost bin from becoming too wet. 

Washing was put on and in a quiet moment, some frugal laundry liquid was made. I used up some little fruit soaps plus a little extra taken from an end of bar. 

This was made up into two 4 litre cartons of luscious, citrus smelling liquid which will last quite a long time.


  1. Your leeks and carrots look lovely Mmmm..

    Like your idea of adding shreddings to your indoor compost bin, I'm gonna try that one :)

    Have a great weekend :)

  2. Not sure of the size of this bin. Maybe 15 inches tall and 9 inches wide. It takes all our vegetable peelings, banana skins, apple cores etc and gets emptied into the outside bin about 3 times a week. Our outdoor compost bins rot slowly, so it takes a whole year before we get compost from them but it is lovely stuff, so clean smelling at the end.

  3. I add shredded paper from work to my compost bin. Your grated soap looks good enough to eat!!! Xxx

    1. It very nearly did. DB went to get himself another ladle of soup and thought 'oh, the cheese is still here'but realised at the last minute!


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