Saturday 26 January 2013

Remember them bones...

Welcome to my two new followers Brenda Cupryna and Cheap Chick.

The granola having been made, the oven was duly turned up to roast the 3 beef marrowbones. I gave them 45 minutes and once cooked they looked like this:

I carefully removed some liquid dripping from the base of the pan and put it into a little ramekin. I reckon there should be enough to roast a tray of potatoes for using and freezing.

The kitchen smelt of a lovely roast beef dinner!  Today I am going to be making some faggots. I got the recipe from the blog of Frugal Queen who has 3 recipes, the one I shall make today (ever so slightly less liver) was the one I used on the 8th September 2012. If you want to find that recipe, use the search box at the top left of my blog and type in faggots. 

However, I intend to slightly alter this recipe to suit our tastes so will do a post on faggots tomorrow. Ours are currently cooling down in the kitchen ready to be packed into bags for freezing. I got 5 bags (each bag enough for 2 people) plus a half bag.


  1. I have never thought to make my own faggots, and we don't eat bought ones very often, even though they are very tasty - maybe I should try your recipe, you never know, they could become one of our staples.

    1. Can but try Elaine. We like to always know what we are eating and both love faggots so when I got the recipe, had to try them. Haven't looked back and Frugal Queen's link has 3 different versions to try.


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