Saturday 16 May 2020

Garden centre visit

Being able to take a short drive out other than to get groceries, was lovely. We saw the common magenta rhododendrons out in full flower amongst other lovely views. The car park was almost full but is very small and is also the parking for a shop.

We joined a queue of 5 people, only a young woman as well us us, protected. First outing for DB, quite strange for him I think. It will be a one off for now.

No grow bags so opted for a bag of compost. No chives but I got a new parsley, some French marigolds to plant with my tomatoes when they go in and 3 herbaceous plants for the front garden.

I also got some new tomato feed and a large tub of chicken pellets to feed all my plants, but not where Ruby can get to otherwise she would eat them! Where she can get I will have to spray or watering can feed them.

When we came out there was quite a large queue. They were cleaning the trollies when they were brought back, and operating a one in one out policy. At the till, we had to push our trolley forward then step back to allow everything to be scanned. Then come forward to pay by card only and leave. Most people kept their distance.

I was still pleased to be back home and won’t venture out again for quite a while, except for food shopping.


  1. It feels like a whole new way of shopping every time we go out doesn't it. It's all very strange, and it seems a lifetime ago that we were all carefree and doing exactly what we want and going wherever we wanted at any time.

    We drove past the Chinese takeaway shop on our way to Tesco yesterday and I shouted out 'ooh look the Chinese is open', not that we go there much but just seeing it open seemed so strange.

  2. Glad you were able to get out. Scotland is still in lockdown as we are a little way behind England. Strange times we are living in.

    1. I think we are still in a form of lockdown apart from the exercise thing which I believe should have still been local. Ridiculous allowing people to travel freely, asking for trouble. DS and DDiL wouldn’t allow it but we could have stretched our exercise up to them and gone for a walk.

  3. Almost everything there and nothing roped off.

  4. Glad you were able to get what you needed. It sounds as if your garden centre had things very well organised:)


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