Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Tidying up Ruby

Although Ruby moults twice a year, she does lose hair every day. She was beginning to look a little tatty down her back area so we decided to invest in a Furminator deshedding tool/brush/comb gadget.

These retail for between £16 and £30 depending where you buy them from. However, we found one online for just under £8. We were worried it might be fake but seems to be genuine.

She has her ear fur combed every day otherwise the ends get crispy from rootling in the undergrowth and her food bowl. She is beginning to look better now. This was from one session, with a coaster for size comparison:
Not a huge amount but better than being on our carpets!


  1. Much better than on the carpet, furniture,soft furnishing, etc.

    1. Certainly is and she must feel better for it.

  2. We have a standard poodle so thankfully he doesn't moult but it is hard work keeping him looking smart. He likes to roll about in the grass and enjoys water so is never as good as I would like.

  3. She must feel better with all of that removed.


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