Friday 23 August 2019

How disappointing...

Despite lots of research, it seems there is no substitute for practise, trial, error and disappointment.

I  received an embossing pad that was bone dry. I was given my money back and used it to buy another make, Tsukineko, far better. My dew drop water dye ink pads are also on the dry side but I am trying to persevere with those and believe again, they were a tad on the old side when they arrived, too late to send them back now.

Today I have been using a Colorbox pigment ink pad. Way too soft and spongy and possibly a bit on the dry side. I couldn't even get it to emboss properly as the ink was drying before I got the chance. Now these pads are normally quite expensive, I got mine in the sale (should have known). Due to the effort required to stamp with them, I don't feel they are worth it and won’t buy them again.

I think most people use the dye ink pads for speed rather than the pigment ink pads, some of which, Hero for example, takes hours and hours to dry. The new Tsukineko Versaclair are pigment based but quicker drying. I only have the black and it is great. Along with my one Hero pad, I hardly have to touch my stamp to ink either of them.

If I use pigment ink pads rather than dye ink pads, the colour may be richer but drying time will be longer. Any ideas anyone, on dye ink pads that have exceptional colour and have a light touch to ink a stamp with?


  1. Have a look at The Frugal Crafter on You Tube. She has videos that show how to re moisten your ink pads.

  2. My go to dye ink pads always used to be StazOn for which you can also buy re-inkers. I loved them.

  3. I don't use inkpads so I have no useful information for you. How disappointing that the ink pads are so dry. I hope you can find a way to fix them.

    God bless.


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