Monday 19 August 2019

Hydrangea and Ruby

My hydrangea, Vanille Frais, is now turning from pure white to its pink and white final stage:

Its pink colour will get deeper as it ages.

Ruby has her ears combed every morning to rid her of cots, usually in the fine ultra soft fur under them:

She hunkers into DB and loves having it done as you can tell by her face.

I have added a few more stamping trials to my page on the tab above.


  1. My dog was a golden retriever and she loved being brushed. I always did it outside as she had so much hair, a lot of which used to fly off under the hedge. One year we cut down a tree and found an old birds next in it.....lined thickly with golden hair!

    1. What lucky birds. We had to brush all of her last night as she was peppered with goosegrass seeds.


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