Wednesday 28 August 2019


Yesterday was our hottest day at 32.8C. I couldn't stay outside for longer than about 10 minutes before needing to come inside. Ruby didn't seem to mind but after another 10 minutes or so, was brought in by DB. The bedroom was 25C at bedtime and the same this morning despite windows being open. I did hear a light shower of rain though:)

For godness sake woman, stop using this cheap crappy card to practise on!

It bleeds, swells, curls. Even when dry it still bleeds with new colours put on top. This was a lovely image until I went to colour in the collar, it bled into its surroundings. I then tried to correct it by going over the smudge in white and touching other areas to match. The result is a blue grey spaniel.

Mind you, overall I love the stamp and the image it creates, but not the card or corrections. I was using an Aquabrush pen for the first time and quite liked using that.

At least I know this will work, with colour applied using an alcohol marker (I haven't got any yet) and on better cardstock:
I trialled a layered stamp. It didn't help with the same nasty cardstock, plus the base stamp had a mark in it which transferred to the base image. The top stamp colour hardly registered, nor did the clear embossing powder (top image).

Trying again on a slightly different version, I added gold embossing powder. Again, not quite right as the top stamp is too fine for embossing. I also didn't use my stamp positioner tool which would have helped:

Yesterday, I bought a small batch of heavier white and black cardstock so shall see how that goes. Onwards and upwards!


  1. The colour wash pens work much better and the subtle effect looks more professional. I love the doggie stamp.

  2. I think they all look good, to be honest.
    The professional advice was to keep dogs inside yesterday and over the bank holiday and one can see why. It was so, so hot, far too hot to run around, whether human or hound!


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