Saturday 3 August 2019

Nice hydrangeas outside the dining room

The view from outside our dining room window is of 6' high fence panels, actually they are 6' 6" as the panels sit on concrete gravel boards!

We planted this long thin garden area (about 5' wide including the path) with various bushes. The normal pink mophead hydrangea always flowers well and needs cutting back and holding up each year:
We also have a hydrangea paniculata - vanille fraise:
It is in its vanille phase at the moment. As it ages, it takes on a gorgeous raspberry hue. The rest of the area to the left of these plants houses our household and recycling bins. The garden bin is elsewhere in use, plus two log stores:
To the right of the window are a physcocarpus, a small lavender and a red and lime green dogwood, plus one wood stores containing all the wood we need for kindling:
In spring, summer and autumn, the plants help soften the fences. In winter, they have a nice skelton appearance.


  1. These are all beautiful and would cheer me no end if i were in your house or neighborhood. You have a lovely green thumb and a good eye for color.

  2. What lovely flowers. Hydrangeas are my favourite since our visit to your islands a few years back.

    God bless.

    1. They are certainly pretty and quite a few different flower types.

  3. I love the different hues of the hydrangea, so pretty.


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