Thursday 5 April 2012

Food top up and rain damage

Although it is cold in the shade, in the sun is lovely despite a very cool breeze. Popped out today to have lunch with a friend from college and catch up on what is happening in both our lives. Very nice. We then went to have a look at an annual local art exhibition. Some good, others not so good. Mind you, as we know them quite well, we got offered a coffee and some chocolate muffin (half each!)

Also got the weekly top up from Aldi (£12.24) plus a little meat from the local butchers (£7.52) enough for 5 of our pro-point meals. We may well have quite a lot of meat in the freezer, but not these particular meats.

Popped into the garden briefly to check the damage from yesterday's high winds and heavy rain. Quite a lot of the plum blossom has been completely knocked off one of the trees over the arch. With a sharp frost forecast for tonight, hopefully, we won't loose much more otherwise our small annual crop will be minute! On the plus side, our dustbin full and all 3 water butts are full to overflowing. I've just been outside to fleece protect a few plants and seedlings.

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