Saturday 21 April 2012

Are you struggling with the new interface?

Having fathomed out how to use the bits of the new interface I actually need, thought I would pass my findings onto your good selves! Apologies if you have already fathomed out how to use it.

I posted yesterday on how to get back to your old blogger interface but I'll put it here as well so everything is together on one post.

You will find that this new interface pops up constantly even when you have clicked 'return to old blogger interface'. Should you find yourself yet again on the new interface, look for this symbol.
Click on the little wheel thing and the drop down menu lets you revert back to the old interface.

Now for the rest of the things I have found how to use:

Depending on where you were on your blog when you signed out, these pages may appear in a different order. Anyway, if from your home page you click DESIGN, then this new style dashboard will arrive:

You can click the buttons on the left to go from here (and I do this further down on this post) but for now, I'm going to start on my actual web page which is usually where I arrive when I have signed in. I go top right and click New Post.

A post screen will open up with what appears to be an extremely small window. 

Don't worry, you can make it bigger by clicking on the LITTLE DOWN ARROW at the bottom of the screen where you type in your entry.

When you have finished typing in your post, don't forget to label it. You can find this feature on the right hand side of your post page:

Now either save your post to keep it in draft, preview or publish as normal. However, if you want to return to where you came from click the CLOSE button at the top.

You should return to a screen like this:

The left hand side of the screen will allow you to go where you wish. This is the same as the left hand side of the screen should you have chosen the DESIGN button rather than the NEW POST button at the start. So now you can edit posts, pages etc or return to your post and carry on writing.

Say you want to create or edit a page. Look left and press the page button.

You will come to a screen like this:

At the top is the button to create a new page. The rest of the screen allows you to edit, revert to draft or delete a page etc.

By always looking to the left of the screen you can click on comments, stats etc.

This button at the very top left of your screens, takes you back to your dashboard. 

If you see this button (without the word Blogger next to it), pressing it will take you to the list of those you follow. 

It will bring you to a screen like this:

Hope you don't mind Sarina, your post just happened to be at the top when I took a screen shot.

Anyone who has recently posted appears in the main screen, but to the left hand side of the page are the rest of the people you follow and you can click on them to visit their blog.

However, if you look to the right and click on the little wheel symbol:

It will take you to this screen:

Here you can manage your followers, add new ones or remove etc.

Once you have finished, towards the top is a small 'return to dashboard' link.
When you have finished working on your blog, look to the top right of your dashboard. Here you will find this button:

Click on the down arrow and you can then sign out.

So hopefully, I have covered most of what you will need, just press buttons and experiment. I don't know how long they will allow us to use the old interface so I am trying to get used to the new one. I'm not yet using Google chrome, heavens knows what that will add to the mix!

If you have found this post useful, please feel free to link to it on your blog. The more people read it, the less frustrated they might be.


  1. Thank you for those tips DC. I have been trying to find my way round for a few weeks but this was useful. One thing I've tried is adding some pages at the top under my blog heading. I've found how to do this but not sure how to link the posts under the headings of say 'recipes' or 'holidays' etc . How do you do this? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Patricia

    1. I don't think you can. I'm pretty sure only the posting section rather than the pages section has this function. When I have updated one of the pages at the top of my home page, I tend to say so on my home page. That gives people the option to go and have a look at the relevant page.

  2. Thank you so much for this fab post, I have changed mine back for the moment as it was getting a tad frustrating. I have bookmarked this post for when I have a bit more time to go through everything and digest it properly.

    Thank you for sharing x

    1. Hope it will be of use when you change. Don't know how long the old interface will be available.

  3. Thanks so much for this dc. I'd changed back to the old interface as found the new one irritating. After reading your post I swapped back to the new one yesterday and am managing it ok.

    1. Good to hear it. I still find it a little frustrating but will no doublt get better the more I use it!

  4. Thanks for the thanks Scarlet and Karen, glad to be of help!

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  6. Thanks, Datacreata! This post was very useful. I have found the new interface a bit difficult, but think I will manage better after reading your post :)

    1. Glad to be of help Hilde - until they decide to fiddle with it again!

  7. Thanks so much for this post. I'd had a little break from blogland and came back to the new look which I've been struggling with. Have bookmarked your page for when I return to the fray! Thanks also to Karen for putting the link here on her blog. x

    1. Glad to be of help, hope you return to blogland soon!


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