Sunday 29 April 2012


I am definitely going to have to erect my temporary greenhouse tomorrow. The French and Runner beans have had to come back inside as it is just too cold for them during the day outside at the moment. I'm sure they must think it is still winter.

Anyhow, baking day today (at least the kitchen will be warm). All this chilly weather means we have almost run out of logs and our meagre heating (normally one hour but now a maximum 2 hours a day) means our electricity for this week has gone up by 4 day units and 2 night units – shock horror!

Made my bread and whilst that was proving, got the pastry done for our roast equivalent dinner for 2 days – a steak, kidney, onion and potato pie.

Left over pastry was turned into 8 jam and oat tarts. I don't brush my pies with an egg as I consider it a waste of an egg, therefore they always look a little pale.

As neither of us was very hungry, we had a quarter each plus peas and gravy. 
Then finally, the bread was cooked.

We might have some tonight with some soup or might have a real treat of fresh bread spread with home made greengage jam! 

Now I am off to make us a cup of tea and have a couple of those jam tarts.


  1. Hello:
    Your steak and kidney pie looks absolutely delicious and, since we had a rather meagre lunch, our mouths are now watering and our tummies rumbling!

    We cannot believe the weather which you describe. Here, this afternoon, it is over 30C and we have all the windows wide open. Poor you!

    1. I would almost say you are welcome to your 30C as I really don't like hot weather. However, a few degrees sent over here might help to improve things. Looking forward to 17C tomorrow but overcast.

  2. Simple foods are often the best. Your bread looks great.

    1. Thanks Sarina. Loved the picture of your yoghurt hanging up to drain!

  3. It all looks lovely and delicious datacreata.

    Karen x

  4. Wow your bread looks perfect! What's your secret. Pie looks good too!

  5. I love pies but never have them as constantly thinking about calories. How stupid is that. Yours look lovely and I might just have to make one. Patricia.

  6. Thank you Karen.

    Kim, I have a page at the top of my blog showing how I make my bread if ever you fancy trying it.

    Patricia, I also love pies but that is the first one we have had for weeks and weeks. On my rotating 4 week menu recently published, we allow ourselves a roast over 2 days with minimal meat and potatoes. It was so miserable we decided on a pie. Will finish it off tonight or tomorrow.


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