Sunday 8 April 2012

Happy Easter ...

Well, despite not expecting the Easter Bunny to deliver, he decided to leave deposits around the house in the form of a few Cadbury's mini eggs. They will be eaten over the next few days.

Have got a whole load of washing on the line which I don't expect to fully dry in this dull weather but half dry will do me. I have been busy over on my other blog (A Liminal World whose link can be found over on the right). The work from the third year of my BA is now being put onto it.

Anyone interested in genealogy might find this work interesting as all of it was produced from information gleaned from my ancestors.

To whet your appetite, here are some pictures of some ancestral prayer bowls made from silk and felt that were the start of this process: 



  1. Those bowls look very colourful. Very fitting for Easter. What would yo use them for, though? Are they strong enough to hold small items?

  2. They were never designed to hold anything other than be gently cupped in the hand whilst praying or thinking of ancestors (a more Eastern tradition). They are meant to be delicate and ethereal to represent the essence of each ancestor.


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