Tuesday 24 April 2012

Come back Sergei, come back!!

Well, I find myself in a similar circumstance to Scarlet in that I have lost a follower. Can't work out who it is though as my list only changed from 38 to 39 in the past couple of days. Maybe someone had followed me twice, or changed blogs and their old blog has finally disappeared – who knows. “Come back Sergei, come back”

Had my next eye check up at the hospital. I still have this weird thing going on in the back of the eyes but it hasn't grown or changed so that is good.

My field tests are also very good. I have the continued flashing which indicates my posterior viscous detachment is still ongoing.However, he doesn't want to see me again for a year unless of course I get the old black curtain forming which indicates a retinal detachment and I would need to go immediately to A & E. Hopefully, that won't happen.

Other than that, not a lot is happening. Just had my hair low lighted at home, to give it a little more colour. A nice hair cut and blow dry finished it off. All for £30, not bad methinks!


  1. I lost one follower today too. Maybe it's some jinks with blogger. Who knows.

  2. Great news about your eyes.That's a really good price for your hair. The salon I go to rang last week to say that my hairdresser had left - I'm gutted as she knew what I wanted doing so I didn't have to explain. I hate having somebody different do it. They offered me an appointment with the owner but I said no and that I would ring back - I think it costs a lot more if she does it, but she is really good.

  3. I lost one follower in the space of an hour then gained two!! lol Blogger is barmy sometimes! I'm sure it has a mind of its own. As a fellow 'eye probs' sufferer I'm pleased to hear that your check up went ok. Darn good price for your hair too!

  4. Scarlet, Karen and Kim - my follower is still missing so probably they have just decided not to follow me anymore. Hope not too many more drop off!

    My hairdresser comes to my house. I have used her for years. Being mobile means her prices are cheaper. She does have a salon at her home but she comes to me rather than the other way around which would be a little more.

    Yes, I was pleased about my eyes, still a worry though. I keep thinking I'll wake up one morning with a deflated eye!!!

  5. My followers often go up and down, I'm not too worried by it. Not all followers read all the posts, and a lot of people read who are not followers. Your stats are a better indication of how many people are reading you.

    1. True on both counts I just curious about the vagaries? of Google blog and how random things seem to happen on it.


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