Sunday 22 April 2012

Making citrus cleaner

A lovely sunny morning has at last arrived and I've been potting on my tomatoes, peppers and other things currently outliving their pots in the conservatory.

I've done a load of washing (in shampoo having run out of laundry liquid - must make some). I was going to put it on the line but as it is bedding and is now clouding over, has been left inside. Duvet covers and sheets are not the sort of washing you can dash outside to retrieve very quickly.

Having made my own yoghurt I'm now turning to cleaners. I usually use vinegar and or bicarbonate of soda. Clothes are washed with frugal laundry liquid. On this lady's web site, she tells you how to make citrus cleaner which can be used on most but not all surfaces - Citrus Cleaner

Anyway, here is me making it:

Take a large jam jar and 3/4 fill it with white vinegar (I used distilled) but was so shocked at the hike in price, am going to look elsewhere for it!!

Peel any citrus fruit using a peeler, or you can peel it first the normal way then remove the excess pith and use the skins. Anyway, I choose to do it like this as I intend to chop the orange up to put into my yoghurt.

Put the peel in the jam jar. Put on a sunny windowsill and wait for 2 - 3 weeks. You don't have to make it all in one go, it can be made one fruit at a time as and when you eat them.

Once it is ready, drain it and mix the citrus vinegar 50/50 with water. Put into a spray bottle and off you go. Although she doesn't say so, I have read somewhere else that the skins can be composted. She also seems to keep different citrus fruit separate - don't know if you need to or not.

QUESTION: If I use vinegar as a fabric conditioner in my washing machine, could this be used to add scent to the clothes or would the oils make a mess of them?

Anyway, I'm going to try with my towels once it is ready as I tumble dry those and am curious if it will make them smell of citrus.

As I was making bread yesterday, I decided to 'drain' my yoghurt overnight to obtain some whey. Got almost enough so added a little water to it. Anyway, the bread came out very well and the yoghurt is more delicious than it was at first. Had a small bowlful each (half a cup) with chopped orange and honey. One more bowl each left then shall have to make some more.


  1. Thanks for posting this- I know all about using white wine vinegar but had never seen added citrus peel. Will have to remember to give this a try!

  2. Very interesting - thank you. I didn't know you could use vinegar as a fabric conditioner ... does it work? I also noticed the rise in the price of white vinegar - ridiculous. Would you mind sharing your recipe for laundry liquid? xx

    1. If you look at my labels tag for cleaning and go down to 28th November 2011, there is a tutorial there on how to make laundry liquid. I usually make half of the full recipe (1/2 bar soap, 1/2 cup washing soda or borax (which I can't get) and water. This is stored in 2 x 4 pint milk containers. You need to have a gap at the top to shake before use as it separates and needs shaking. One cup ful per wash is recommended although some use half that. Regarding distilled white vinegar as a conditioner. I use 1 tablespoon in my conditioner bit of the draw, others use 1/2 cup. Clothes are not as soft but are okay. I tumble dry all towels and they are fine. Sometimes whites can go a little grey over time, some recommend a dose of something like a terry nappy cleaner every now and then to restore them but mine are okay. It now costs me pence to wash per cycle.

  3. Very interesting, thanks for sharing! I will try this.

  4. We havent had any sun in our part of the country.I would have liked to have done all sorts of things if the weather had been fine. Our tomato plants (indoors) have tiny little tomatoes on now. The seedlings in the greenhouse are coming on a treat.
    Bet the citrus cleaner smells wonderful when you use it.

  5. The citrus cleaner was beginning to smell very nice after just two days. Got a while to wait yet before I can use it, looking forward to doing so. Thanks for your comments Anne and Hilde.

  6. I shall have to try that. Thanks.

    Have you tried the Summer Naturals website for vinegar?

    I did an order last week for 5lt vinegar and lots of borax, bicarb, and other frugal cleaning stuff. Delivery if about £5.99 I think, but even with that, I think I have bought most of my cleaning stuff for the year for just £27.

    I am going to try the citrus cleaner though, sounds great.

  7. I have just found them and hope to put an order in soon. The citrus cleaner has only been brewing for a few days but it smells lovely already. The vinegar smell is getting overtaken by the orange smell!


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