Saturday 28 April 2012

Two bargains

First of all, welcome to Jane and Lance who have kindly joined my blog. 
I shall pop along to yours in the very near future.

Topping up with a few extras of food we needed to begin our new menu, we got two very good bargains. A bag of tomato seconds reduced from 59p to 45p in which were 3 lb 10 oz of slightly squidgy tomatoes. Once I'd got rid of the bad bits, I was left with 1 good tomato and 10 oz of waste. Not bad at all.

Anyway, I made some fresh tomato and split lentil soup with all of the tomatoes, some red split lentils etc. This should last us 2 – 3 days.

The second bargain was 20 geranium cuttings for £3, which equates to 15p each. They are mixed colours so should look good. Although I am growing my own container plants this year and they aren't looking too bad (would look happier if only it would stop raining), I needed something long lasting to plant in my window boxes besides wild flowers. 

Going to erect the temporary greenhouse next week as the first sown French and Runner beans are getting too tall for the perspex canopy on the raised bed. I'll need to get the above geraniums and tomatoes out there as well once they are potted on.

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  1. Hello:
    Thank you for such a very warm welcome.

    Tomatoes are amongst our favourite of all foods and this soup with lentils sounds to us to be perfect. One of the joys of Hungary is the fact that home grown tomatoes, often very misshapen but always wonderfully ripe, are brought into the Budapest markets daily throughout the summer. Their taste is heaven sent!

    Runner beans are almost unheard of here - something we miss hugely.


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