Wednesday 25 April 2012

'Digesting' our £140 per month food challenge for the first quarter

Well, I have just added up the first 3 months food shopping challenge,  (January 24th to April 23rd) allowing £140 per month for absolutely everything and it has come to a total of £460.79. That is an overall overspend of £40.79, making each days food bill approximately £5.12p for us both or £2.56 each. Doesn't sound too bad when I break it down but we could do better.

Next quarter began on April 24th and will run until July 23rd. We haven't included the bit of money we spend on food whilst out on our weekly walks as the snack/meal is considered a treat. We usually only have toast or something else small for tea if we feel we need something. 

Ah well, onwards and upwards. I'll go to my food challenge page now and get it up to date.

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