Thursday 26 April 2012

New 4 week rotating menu - photo update!!

In an effort to try and cut down our food bill and also follow some  lovely Pro Point recipes, devised by Bev. I have designed a 4 week menu - hope you can read it. We don't need to lose much weight but these recipes are so nice. DS. & FDiL. have said by following a menu plan with these meals you save money - so hopefully, it might help get us down into our £160 per month food challenge.

By using this menu, we shouldn't get fed up and if and when the weather warms up, it can be adapted to use more summery ingredients. We are going to begin today with Week 1 and Thursday – a few days after the start of this months challenge but the missed days can be added on at the end if needed.

Well, we really, really enjoyed our Week 1 Thursday meal of Cheese and Bacon Lasagne. Here it is fresh from the oven

and then served up with a fresh tomato each. 

It might have only had 4 lasagne sheets of pasta in it but it was enough.

Then to finish, we had a treat (don't normally have many desserts) of an orange with strained and thick home made yoghurt plus a teaspoon each of runny honey. 

The honey had the effect of making the yoghurt taste like whipped cream. It was a larger serving of yoghurt than normal (normally 1/2 an American measuring cup each) as we needed to finish it. Yum.

DS. & FDiL., you really need to try this one, so much nicer than the one on the original sheet I sent you. xx


  1. Those meal options sound lovely.

  2. Yum! Sounds lovely. The WW recipes are great - and you can always add to them if not to your tastes ;)

  3. With the exception of one type of lasagne which we didn't particularly enjoy, all the WW Pro Point recipes have been lovely. Don't even have to pay to join as I got all the recipes from this web site

  4. how organised, delicious, and healthy. Brilliant, I love it!

  5. I love the look of your menu the chicken salami patties sound like our kind of thing

  6. The chicken salami patties were quite tasty. I think it might depend on which type of salami you use. We bought a pack of 3 different German thinly sliced salami. Weighed out lots of 24g packets then froze them.Some recipes we adapt depending on what herbs are required, some are too herby for us.


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